“We have a medical system that doesn’t focus on health,and a food industry that doesn’t focus on nutrition.”

– Dr Garth Davis M.D

Global Naturopath

Siôn services the global English-speaking community who are suffering from chronic, end-stage or terminal illnesses. He initiates detox and regeneration through a focused raw plant-based diet and elevates the detoxication effect through a fruitarian diet that mimics fasting and promotes the fasting condition within the body.

This system is simple, gentle and easy to maintain. It does not require calorie counting or restriction.

As the body respond to proper natural nutrition, Siôn supports regeneration with a focused herbal medicine protocol that is specifically tailored to your needs. Booking a consult with Siôn is simple. The experience is often described as comfortable informative and informal, consults will go for over an hour and often run for up to 90 minutes. After a wholistic picture of you and your condition has been obtain, your healing journey will begin along with full Naturopathic support.

The Natural Difference


Plant medicine has shown to have drastically fewer side effect than its pharmaceutical counterpart. This is believed to be because, unlike drugs that come as a single isolated chemical, plant medicine is a natural complex that contain phytochemical, enzymes, cofactors and nutrients that work synergistically to support and nurture the human being. Also, unlike pharmaceutical drugs, natural medicines are non-toxic and when taken does not cause addiction or withdrawal symptoms.


Injury due to herbal medicine is extremely rare and few have ever been reported compared to the millions of injuries recorded every year by the global medical system. Every year 100,000’s of people within western countries experience adverse reactions to pharmaceutical medications that are just not experienced within the Naturopathic industry. Some of these reactions cause disabilities and even death.


Medical procedures can be extreme and invasive by their very nature. Unlike the medical system, naturopathy does not require these risky procedures and instead rely on the body’s natural healing ability through diet, detox and fasting. This stimulates autophagy and the production of pluripotent stem cells to reverse and heal the disease processes that cause most human illness.

Hand Crafted Range

Browse the wide range of herbal medicine that specifically focuses on body system regeneration. This system makes finding the medicine that best suits your need simple and easy

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Quality of Life.

Quality of life is the birthright of everyone in society. Let it be an indicator by which you measure your success on your journey to health and well being. It is the focus of my service that you can go about your daily life free of pain and discomfort associated with sickness and disease.

A New Start

There is a sense of serenity to going through life without the burden of a disease. Don't settle for mornings filled with pills and prescriptions, afternoons of pain and discomfort, and nights of sleep aids and insomnia. The only constant in life is change, make it today.