“It’s time we returned to a more natural approach to health care.”

– Siôn Williams

Siôn’s Journey

My Journey into natural medicine began in the last years of high school. I was fortunate enough to attend the Nature Care College in Sydney as a work experience student, the year was 1995. Once I left school, I pursued a traineeship in construction which led to a 15-year career into underground mining.

Then in June 2010, I nearly lost my life in a mining accident that left me with a broken arm, a broken leg an ugly head scar, an emergency Care Flight to Brisbane Mater Hospital and several surgeries. I was told I was lucky to retain my right leg and that I’d limp for the rest of my life. As you can image, this made me change my perspective and priorities in life.

I returned to natural medicine in 2012 by studying detoxification and fasting, once I was satisfied with my knowledge of these fundamental modalities of healing I began building a close personal clientele and final took the leap into Naturopathic Medicine. In 2017 I graduated from the Australian Institute of Applied Science and the International school of Detoxification. I consider myself fortunate in that I get to do that which I am passionate about. Since then I have gone on to develop many products that are focused on detoxification and regeneration of human tissue, organs and body systems. I look forward to being a part of your healing journey.



About Me

Siôn Williams is a qualified Australian Naturopath with an alternative approach to healing. Siôn subscribes to Terrain Theory instead of germ theory and utilises the Body System model of treatment instead of the disease model. Siôn specialises in conditions that are chronic, end-stage and terminal. Using specific diet and lifestyle modifications his aim is to halt life-threatening conditions, allowing time for herbal medicine protocols to support the body’s natural ability to regenerate and recuperate. Siôn addresses underlying causes and dysfunctional systems instead of treating symptoms. Primarily, he does this by removing causative factors and supporting the body 4 major channels of elimination and detoxification. These are urination, defecation, expectoration and perspiration.

Browse the wide range of herbal medicine that specifically focuses on body system regeneration. This system makes finding the medicine that best suits your need simple and easy

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Quality of Life.

Quality of life is the birthright of everyone in society. Let it be an indicator by which you measure your success on your journey to health and well being. It is the focus of my service that you can go about your daily life free of pain and discomfort associated with sickness and disease.

A New Start

There is a sense of serenity to going through life without the burden of a disease. Don't settle for mornings filled with pills and prescriptions, afternoons of pain and discomfort, and nights of sleep aids and insomnia. The only constant in life is change, make it today.